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Upton by Chester Tennis Club

The Friendly Club

Tournaments & Social Events

Final League Tables 2019

The 2021 season results are being complied and will be posted here on receipt from the League.

Le Grudge

It had been a long time – far too long maybe – since Upton Tennis Club had a show-down between two of its elite mixed teams which we could really sink our competitive teeth into, and so, on Wednesday 21 August, battle commenced between two rival squads.

Once we got the tricky selection process out of the way then Wendy’s Wonders took on Sam’s Smashers in a pulsating exhibition of doubles at the highest level.

Each event consisted of one set to 7 and there would be two men’s doubles, two ladies doubles and two mixed doubles. So 6 sets up for grabs and the light not too clever and the balls getting soggier.

The match was evenly poised at 2 – 2 when the last two matches went on. Wendy and Marianne took on Samantha and Catherine ( huge pressure on the two captains then ) as well as the last men’s doubles of the evening Chris and Matthew taking on the much-fancied Richard and Alias.

Sam’s team kept their nerve and took these two sets to win the overall match 4 – 2. Great match but sadly not available on iplayer or Netflix.

Post Le Grudge we all settled down in the now steamy pavilion to enjoy an array of fabulous cheeses, breads, crackers, chutneys, pickles and relishes. The baguettes weren’t very good actually – a bit overdone if you ask me - but everything else went down rather well as did the selection of fine wines from around the world.

Once the organiser had consumed enough sparkling Lambrusco Rose we again rearranged ourselves into random quiz teams for another stern test of everybody’s will to live. So we had 40 very easy questions ( the organiser only does easy questions ) as well as a picture round featuring 10 famous ‘Michaels’. Nobody got Michael Portillo.

A team consisting of David Hart, Chris, Alias and Matthew ( an unexciting blend of youth and experience if ever there was one ) conned everybody into thinking they were struggling to such an extent that the marking became so generous that they won by the slenderest margin of half a point.

Many thanks to Judith and Richard for washing up and everybody else who stayed and tidied up too. Nice to see new member Nina soaking up the atmosphere and the cabernet sauvignon with her sister and I’m sure they, like everybody else, had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


The Organiser

Annual Club Memberships

April is upon us and we need to bolster the bank balance with membership fees so we can pay the rent! It would be much appreciated if people could go to the payment page and join up as soon as possible for the coming year.

Upton Pavilion Fun Day

On Saturday 14th September 12-7pm there will be live music and all the fun of the fair at the Upton Pavilion Fun Day in the park. We have been asked to provide tennis try-outs for anyone who wants to have a go, so if you can spare an hour to help sometime during the day, the organiser would be very grateful.

Christmas Quiz

The 2019 Christmas Quiz will be held at The British legion on Friday 6th December. Better start swotting, as it's always a toughie!